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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Path From Surviving Life with C-PTSD to Having Fun Thriving, Looks Like This...

The Trauma Informed Growth Podcast - the new series on C-PTSD, gets released this coming week. As part of that effort, I've developed a framework to help me guide those conversations. That planning made this summary possible. A quick trip over to Canva and I've got a simple visual of The Path From Surviving Life, to Having Fun Thriving.

It felt helpful to share for anyone on this path, or looking for it.

I think I share all I am learning about this subject for my 30ish self. Information that would have been most helpful to have access to as I set out on one of the most challenging decades of my life.

The 500-Ft View of C-PTSD Recovery

The Path From Surviving Life, To Having Fun Thriving is a 500-foot view. The details are comprehensive, and of course, don't lend themselves to an Infographic style visual.

I will be going deep, (and then deeper) into all 4 stages on my platforms. Some of those will include expert guests, practitioners, psychiatrists and others will have people who are living that journey sharing what worked for them, and no doubt, what didn't. If you'd like to join me for a conversation on Trauma Informed Growth, email me shannon at nb3 dot io

The upward spiral

Finally, just a reminder. This path is life-long and non-linear, an upward spiral that brings us back to old stuff from a new mountain top with which to see it better.

How I am experiencing this path just now is my C-PTSD has become so present in my Self Awareness that any signs of 'stuck' or 'struggle' are swiftly met with a toolbox full of resources to mitigate its effects in seconds to minutes.

There is no more spiralling for weeks, or needing days of self isolation and bed rest, distracting with endless addiction. I no longer feel depths of sadness or depression that had me full of resentment for simply being alive.

I hang out, for the most part, inside the Post Traumatic Growth phase with maybe a quarter of my life now playing in Stage 4. Co-creating Life.

Of course, have me visit my family for a week and I'll likely be pulling out all sorts from my C-PTSD toolbox wondering where all that Zen has gone. Hah!

These stages are not a 'tick off a list and now you're done' job. For me, I oscillate between these phases, pending what memory or situation arises, in tandem with how deep into my new practice I am living. If I'm not sleeping right, or eating right, or giving my body what it craves for a few days, then I have myself at a disadvantage for any hiccups that show up.

Complex Trauma, C-PTSD

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