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"Growth demands iteration!" - Shannon Eastman


Growth has been the single, dominant thread running through my life's tapestry. 

The two primary forms of Growth could be described as the form that wants me to unlearn, relearn and the other form of Growth is the one that emerges and flows.  Both forms are necessary. One form just tends to feel better than the other. 

Growing up poor has provided me with the richest of experiences. I put my hand to Business Growth officially, aged 13 in an effort to help my dad's business. Now, after what feels like 100 years later, I have discovered the 360 degree experience offered up, with and through, the proactive pursuit of Growth.

For me, Personal Growth is directly proportional to Business Growth. So, understanding Human Behaviour through lenses such as: 

1. Why people buy

2. Why people don't buy

3. Why we fail

4. Why we succeed 

are inextricably linked in the pursuit of sustainable and profitable growth.

Image: Shannon Eastman in Petra Jordan

"Personal Growth is Business Growth!" - Common Sense

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Image: Shannon Eastman in Harissa, Lebanon


Corporate Intrapreneur

come Business Owner

I got lucky, a lot! Probably because I had an insatiable desire to resolve how business works in an effort to parlay those insights over to the family business.

I got to work, and be mentored by, some exceptional business leaders in Large, International Marketing & Advertising Agencies spanning Toronto, Dallas Fort Worth, London and Moscow working with and for global brands such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, ZTE, British Gas, Direct Energy, Proctor & Gamble, Virgin Finance, Macallan Whisky, Mars Chocolates, Boots Opticians, British American Tobacco, ZTE and Big Pharma. 


It was 2009 when I could no longer resist the calling to set up shop on my own and bring my own flavour of Meaningful Marketing to Small Businesses. Teach a Brand to Fish (TABTF) was born


I turned TABTF completely digital in 2014 as I relocated to Turkey, Lebanon and then Jordan to pursue an interest to work with Arab Women Entrepreneurs across the Middle East. 

It was end 2016 when I made Dublin, Ireland home refocussing TABTF in the Financial Services industry. I brought Funds Ireland Mini Con to life during the Pandemic - as a way to innovate how small businesses could be seen meaningfully by the audience they were here to serve. 

In March 2021, TABTF rebranded to - a consultancy dedicated to Growth Hacking Influence for Individuals and Business. 

Co-creating Growth, with and through, that innate Evolutionary Impulse  within you is wonderfully fun! - Barbara Marx Hubbard


Growth Hacking,

Innovation & Transformation


PR & Influence

Meaningful Marketing 

Seducing a Target Market

Business Growth Cycles


Digital Transformation


Financial Services

Professional Services

People, Culture & Leadership

Technology & Innovation

Experts, Consultants, Advisors

Personal Development


Transcending glass ceilings

Fear, Shame, Guilt 

Why we do what we do

Aligning who you Be & what you do

More flow, Less Force



Thought Leadership

Personal Branding

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