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About Shannon

Copper Coast, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Meet Shannon

Accent Canadian, Passport Irish, and today I call Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland home; the most southern part of the Republic of Ireland. I live here with my best friend and partner, Leo, and our Bernedoodle, Maggie (as in Magpie). You can find us most mornings at the beach.


My 'adventures' (aka complex trauma) have taken me from Canada to Ireland, the UK, all over the the Middle East, North Africa, Emirates and at this point most of Europe. 

The areas of Mental Health and Human Behaviour have been of great interest to me for as long as I can remember, circa aged 5. I attribute this to a challenging early family life and an ever-present curiosity as to why people do what they do, which over time informed the more personal question - why do I do what I do.

Since the age of sixteen, when I secured my High School Diploma, Irish passport, and left Canada for Europe on my own, my life’s passion has been the pursuit of personal and professional development.

For well over a decade, this largely consisted of personal healing through self- and group-work and the guidance of trusted teachers and mentors.

After more than 25 years running my own business working in the area of human behaviour and business growth, my focus shifted in 2018 to trauma-informed growth, performance and leadership.

I am currently wrapping up my MSc in Mind-Body Psychology at University of East London, in preparation for my PhD in Complex Trauma / C-PTSD at work. 

I am an avid reader and researcher; and the area of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) is of particular interest.

Authors, and specialists in this area, such as Judith Herman Lewis (Complex Trauma), Pete Walker (C-PTSD), Bessel van der Kolk (PTSD), Stephen Porgess, (Polyvagal Theory), Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief),  and Gabor Mate (Addiction) have been particularly influential in shaping my views and aiding my own personal development.


I have also spent significant time studying Sufism, Buddhism, Confucius, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Marcus Aurelius, Charles Darwin, Einstein, Jain 108 (Sacred Geometry), Aristotle, Isaac Newton, As well as Hooponopono, Transcendental Meditation, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Stress and Self Regulation and Dr. Joseph Cambell's, The Hero's Journey.


I have been a loyal student of Carl Jung - I have a 2-year Jungian Psychology Diploma obtained in 2019 from Ireland’s Jung Society led by Dr. Jasbinder Garnermann - and I've been a decade long student of Dr. John Demartini. 


After 20 years working in the Financial Services industry with both Tech Start ups and Enterprise on 3 continents, my experience demonstrates time and time again, that C-PTSD at work, is accountable for a large portion of the challenges businesses face in the area of recruitment, culture, productivity, sales and innovation.

I blog about C-PTSD, Business and Trauma-Informed Growth at work, here on this site. I talk about it on my podcast, and I have written, illustrated and published 18 books hand-pressed to support professionals in their own mindfulness practice.

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Shannon Eastman
Shannon Eastman
Shannon Eastman

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