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I am a Human Behaviour Expert, Communications Advisor, Management Consultant, and a Transformation Artist 

It has taken me the fight of my life to step into the space of Being Myself in a form that was not only fun, but was sustainable and profitable. 

80% You, 20% Strategy & Tactics!


When you are using your business as a vehicle to self actualise, Personal Growth is the glue, the struts and the foundation with which your business shows up and then moves inside more flow, less force. 

I work with Innerpreneurs in the areas of Personal Growth here on and Business Growth over at Teach a Brand to Fish. 

Being Yourself can sometimes be a journey that starts in hell!

It's definitely where mine started before I found myself lost in transition,

then Being in service, in flow, and finally Being Seen.

Being Yourself Resources

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Being In Transition 

Open Mic

5, March 2021, 5pm GMT and Fridays thereafter 


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16:16 Mastermind

Transforming Transition

16 Hrs in 16 Weeks


Opens 7, April 2021 

From €305/Month

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1:1 Mentoring

Being Yourself 

Fun, Profitable, Sustainable

90-Min & 10-Hour blocks

From €135


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