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working in the area of #PersonalGrowth

Image: Shannon Eastman in Beirut Lebanon

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I am a Growth Consultant, 

Human Behaviour Expert, Communications Advisor

and a Transformation Artist. 

I play with language, structure and media to design Influence & Impact programs for your Brand Awareness (your firm), Thought Leadership (personal brand) and Philosophy (your approach to problem solving) in a form that your audience wants more of.

Influence & Impact - are both forms of Business Growth that offer a fun and meaningful way of being seen, selling your services and distilling your message into one that your audience wants more of.

I have had 2 decades working with marketing, media, sales, PR, growth hacking, innovation and now I play.

"Business Growth takes place at the intersection of Terrified and Excited." #TerriCited

- Shannon's Experience

"Business Growth is having a love affair with innovation & uncertainty." - Shannon's Experience


Influence & Impact that's more play, less ugh!

Influence is about being seen. 

Impact is about your online presence and your content containing the message that aligns perfectly with those you are here to serve.

If I unpacked that a wee bit further, it's this: 

  • Brand Awareness (your firm/products)

  • Thought Leadership (personal brand)

  • Philosophy (approach to problem solving)

Having Influence & Impact inside a form that feels creative, playful and in flow, well? It's heaven. 

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