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I am a #GrowthHacker, 

Human Behaviour Expert, Communications Advisor & Management Consultant,

from Canada, based in Ireland.  


I own and run Teach a Brand to Fish; a growth consultancy for small medium business.


I'm the visionary and Co-creator behind Funds Ireland Mini Con #FIMC2020; an online event format that seeks to transform challenge into best practice, with and for, the Funds Industry. 

I co-host the Aquest Podcast with Daniel Lawlor,

Ex-Regulator of the Central Bank of Ireland - a show for Irish Authorised Financial Services firms. 

I mentor and advise startups in the Middle East.


I share insights, resources and strategies I use when it comes to the unconscious self over at Invited To Play... and  (deep breath)


I am the host of the Work That Matters - Podcast; conversations that take place at the intersection of personal and business growth.

Image: Shannon Eastman in Petra Jordan

Work That Matters is the work that gets business leaders in flow with their business, gets a market engaged and invested in their product, or sometimes it's doing The Work that brings clarity to a future we get to invest in today. 



ADAPT, then grow. 

A weeBook.


Today my focus is invested

in the following areas:

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Shannon Eastman 

#Growth, #HumanBehaviour, #Communications

#Transformation, #Media, #Marketing, #CreatingFromNothing

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