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A Mind-Body Approach to Business Growth

Particularly for Business People in some version of "Stuck" 

Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland

When you're ready for change
that feels a lot like growth...

45-Min Synergy Call

A conversation to see if we're a good fit

My focus throughout 2024 is Subject Matter Experts and Growth. let's arrange a proper hello

to see if we're a great fit. 

Mind|Body Approach (MBA) to Business Growth

- MBA_labs -

Structured Programs Available June-Nov 24

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Sales Director, or Practitioner, employed, self employed or otherwise? There is a lot we can do together. 

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The Water Is Gorgeous, Once You Get In

Ardmore, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Shannon Eastman
Shannon Eastman

Meet Shannon

I have a lifetime working in business growth, performance, leadership and human behaviour with, and for, Tech Companies, Funds Firms, Crypto Crime and Enterprise sized organisations on three continents across Communications, PR, Marketing, Sales, Product Design, Customer Service, Culture, Talent Management, DEIB and Innovation. (I know, but it is a diverse, and extensive skill set.)


I have supported Executive teams across the Funds Industry to be better prepared to meet the Central Bank through Mock Interviews. I grew a professional services firm by 360% in year one, conducted more than 2000 qualitative interviews with Senior Executives, published 18 books and launched an online store selling mindfulness supporting items such as; fashion, home accessories, and … books. My latest book ‘C-PTSD at Work: Highly Functioning, Secretly in Despair’ is available as a free PDF, here, or get the Paperback on Amazon Worldwide for $9.99 US. Finally, I created and now host the Trauma-Informed Growth podcast. 


I  stepped back from the Corporate world in Q1, 2023 with a desire to pursue my PsyD. Today I am completing my MSc in Mind-Body Psychology at University East London and my Certification in Polyvagal Theory with Dr. Porges,  

From June-November 2024, I Coach, Advise, Train, Mentor and Consult Subject Matter Experts in the area of Business Growth as part of my own area of mastery, and as part of my research and preparation for my PsyD. 


A Self Assessment 

C-PTSD Self Test.png


A 500 Ft Illustrated View

CPTSD Recovery.png

C-PTSD @ Work

Highly Functioning, Secretly in Despair

The c-PTSD at Work Landscape (2)_edited.png

The C-PTSD at Work


The c-PTSD at Work Landscape (1).png
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