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A Mind|Body Approach to Business Growth

- Open Jun-Nov 2024 -

No one can do this for you, and... you can’t do this alone.

From Jun-Nov. 24, MBA_labs is open to work with Subject Matter Experts, employed, or self-employed, on a 1-to-1 basis, ready for the kind of change that feels like growth.


A Subject Matter Expert is anyone who:

1. Has a unique lens on a topic that they are wanting to be both public and commercial

2. Uses subject matter at the core of their business. For example, Therapist, Consultant, Founder, Sales Person, C-Suite and Thought Leadership, Coach or Academic

3. Is somewhere on the Subject Matter trajectory; ideation, planning, maturity or legacy stage.

All MBA_lab programs have Trauma-Informed, Body-Wise, and Business Growth baked into their foundations as we work with the whole person to enable the next iteration of growth.

The MBA Philosophy and MBA_labs are; one part ongoing research as I prepare to start my PsyD, and one part my area of genius and joy. 

I am part of a Network of Mind|Body|Business Practitioners that I refer to as and when we find the boundaries of where my genius ends, and theirs begins. 



It all starts with a free 45-minute synergy call > 

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