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Mind, Body Approach (MBA) - Philosophy

A Mind|Body Approach to Business Growth, Philosophy

V2.,0, 25 May, 2024, Shannon Eastman

Mind + Body + Business

The integration of the mind’s intelligence, the body’s innate wisdom, and proven business insights, combine to facilitate sustainable and profitable growth that feels congruent.


The mind’s ability to imagine, create, bring clarity, focus, and solve problems increases significantly in relation to the body’s ability to self-regulate.


The practice of self-regulation provides deeper access to the body’s innate wisdom. This wisdom when utilised, offers deeper alignment that creates an observable authenticity, fueling purpose, mission, and service.


Proven business insights, grounded in universal principles, yield the highest probability of growth often accompanied with feelings of excited and terrified (You know! Where it all feels #terriciting).


Business Growth as a vehicle for the individual's transformation


As the business growth process approaches meaningful action, we can expect to meet the parts of you, long forgotten, but still alive, to now appear.


Long-forgotten past experiences caused parts of a person to freeze in time, and embed themselves deep into the body's unconscious self.  These frozen parts surface during moments of heightened stress. These are the parts of you that want to be resolved, so you can grow into the version of you that gets to stand on the intentaional stage with your keynote of some flavour of success.


When the Mind tries to apply its logic to the contraction and conflict felt inside the body, its a Mind-over-Matter (matter being the body) approach that just can't win.

When there is no understanding or recognition of the body's role in growth, the person tends to slink away, muttering some version of "I know what I am supposed to do, but I just can't do it!"

Number 1 Reason Why You are the Industry's Best Kept Secret Starts Here:

The invitation to Be Seen, is an important (and stressful) part of business growth. At the point where meaningful action is about to be undertaken, one or more of these frozen parts surfaces as the body perceives an immediate threat from Being Seen. “Being Seen” unconsciously increases the need for hiding and thus a conflict takes place in and between the mind-body. Individuals cultivating a Mind, Body Approach to Business Growth are far better able to transform their business position from being one of the industry’s best kept secrets, to one of the industry's leading thought leaders.


From a well-being perspective:


From a well-being perspective, Insecure Attachment is one of the popular styles often found at the roots of stunted growth. This is where the body is not only dysregulated, but asserts "the world is not safe".  An assertion that remains entirely outside of the Mind's awareness. So the Mind will be able to sense fear, but the underbelly of what's actually going on in the body, will elude it entirely leaving the mind to become an unknowing prisoner of the body.


That person insisting on a Mind-Over-Matter approach, will often find themselves moving in business with an energy of "Never Enough".  They are not enough, their expertise is not enough, what they do for clients is not enough. They move in never ending circles stuck and know idea why, they experience ongoing Subject Matter Expertise constipation as their Mind-Body are literally backed up and unable to flow, or they'll have awkward interactions with their audience as they continue to bamboozle their way around their market, never able to actually connect.


The "Not Enough" energy, when transformed (dysregulated becomes regulated), becomes fuel.  That fuel drives congruency in who you Be with what you Do. It expands your awareness, deepens your understanding of you and your subject matter, giving rise to the environment that allows the mind to begin tuning into the body's innate wisdom.

People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own soul.  C.G.  Jung

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