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This is for Innerpreneurs - an entrepreneur who use their business as a vehicle to self-actualise. That is to say that our business is used to bring personal fulfilment as we continue to invest in our personal growth and business growth.


An Innerpreneur is part of the Cultural Creative sector, they are in service, they typically bridge the conventional world with the emerging world.


Being in Transition is par for the course for Innerpreneurs, and this current climate has invited that degree of transition to be experienced 10-fold.


The old is falling away, the new is not yet here and the in-between wants to be seen, understood and navigated.

Open Mic Thursdays is to share, explore and discuss the Transition while we navigate our way forward.


This is a video enabled Zoom session that starts at 4pm GMT and will run for up to 2-Hrs. The session will open with a structured insight before opening the floor for comment, questions and idea generation.


Topics covered will span; current trends, what we are seeing, how we are responding, what we are doing, where this is going.

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