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Why I'm considering taking a job in Blockchain.

Crypto, Ai and Blockchain are three items I have slotted into the Web 3.0 bucket. I've also decided to use the obvious acronym of CAB to refer to them.

Web 2.0? I figure that's all of the social, mobile, cloud shenanigans of 20 years ago.

I was in a conversation yesterday about my intention, motivation and reason for investing in cryptocurrency - it was lovely to have the time and space to explore (outside my head) what the heck I was doing with wallets, exchanges, and Etherium.

It isn't/wasn't about the money

It is absolutely about re-skilling, up-tooling and aligning for the next wave of change that is at our door steps, already knocking.

I heard myself answer the motivation question with the dawn of Twitter circa, 2006.

That the Web2.0 awakening, was the road that was laid for LinkedIn to evolve, for WhatsApp to be born, and for Slack to rise so high, Salesforce snapped it up.

My focus had very much shifted from micro me and my mirco world of non-twitter activity, to a macro view of what Twitter made possible - what we have today because of Twitter and how much our world transformed as a result.

Web 3.0 is laying a road that will influence who we are, what we do and how we do t over the next 3 to 20 years. And it will do that at a much faster rate than Web 2.0 took. And it will do that inside its own rules, with its own game, and with its own idea of winners and learners.

And that is why I am considering taking a job in Blockchain/ (C.A.B.)!

I remember the SoMe learning curve circa 2007 like it was yesterday - and the coming years - and the resistance, and the bumps. And specifically, how successful and efficient I was at learning it. I would give myself a C+ for effort.

I'm in the next 2007 learning curve - only its 2021 and its Web 3.0. and understanding the lay of the land from the inside out, feels like I'd score an A+ for effort this time round.

Here's the contrast I'm seeing already:


Web 2.0 days? The public would be invited to the investing table once Investment rounds 1 and 2 have completed. Investment Round 3 is the scraps. In Crypto, anyone can be an investor, anytime.

Start a Business:

Web 2.0 days? We have Start ups, we boot strap, we experience a lot of being alone, doing it alone, and from time to time those that want to help us out - are looking for a hefty return. Web 3.0 days? Start ups are called Projects! And the Web 3.0 community wants to assist, connect, support and Invest.


Web 2.0 days?

FUD ruled. (FUD is a Marketing Industry Acronym: Fear, Uncertanty, Doubt) FUD was / is the go to of Marketers to trigger your emotional FUD - so that you'd buy their widget to fix the FUD they triggered in you in the first place. Then there were the Gimmicks. The Hyperbole. And the Me! Me! Me! approach - we all bought into this madness - that people would buy more from you, the more you bragged about being so humbled to speak at this, or guest on that - madness.

Web 3.0 days?

Collaboration, Co-creation, Community! If you are/were a Web 2.0 start up you would need to find a platform full of users that were a perfect match for your widget - and buy ad space, create content - and over a long long time - you'd hopefully see results. Web 3.0 - a project decides to build on Ehterium, for example - the project would find an established business that has a community of people the project would like access to - and they partner. Project gives the Established business's community tokens - that are redeemed by the community taking an action.

When a taken is assigned to a user because they did something - that token is assigned a value.

My newsfeed and the GiantTech Algorithms that decide for me!

The world of Web 2.0 made many of us realise that FREE is expensive!

We had no idea that all those free google searches were going to imprison us at some point.

The world of Web 3.0 - where we are not building on the Google, but building on blockchain - lets you and I retain and own our data.

Aligning with the Web 3.0 Trajectory

I'm fascinated by human behaviour, change, innovation and what today's shenanigans will mean for us 3 and 5 years from now, 20 years from now. Reflecting on my approach to learning circa Web 2.0 - I am keen to out perform that last round. What better way to learn, than to be thrown in the deep end?

I love my wee Growth consulting practice with Small Business Owners, I can't imagine there will be a day where I don't do that.... AND - I would be very interested in working with any projects on the blockchain who don't need a full time Chief Marketing Officer - but would love to be supported by one 10 to 15 hrs a month. Contact info is below.


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About Shannon Eastman

I co-create growth with and for Small Business Owners. I work, play and teach in the areas of Business Growth, Personal Growth, Human Behaviour, FinTech, Crypto, AI, Blockchain.

I am involved in a few communities, including: Crypto Curry Club, Funds Ireland MiniCon, -

I own and operate TBF labs for Small Business Owners who prefer to outsource some (or all) of their growth implementation activities.

Today I live in Dublin, Ireland.

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