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#TransitionClub21: 21 Actions in 2021 to bring certainty to my 2022

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So we are 1 year into the global shenanigans and my world is officially bittersweet.

My business colleague and I are officially vacating our offices. I have the lads round tonight at 7pm to help me take down my prized whiteboard and install it in my gaf.

(Gaf = Irish slang for home)

Danny (colleague, office neighbour and one of the most deightful sparring partners ever) and I are having conversations about studio lighting, equipment and keys for doors. We used to record the Aquest Podcast in our shared wee recording studio.

It has been all "Adapt, Agile, Pivot, Create, Innovate'

this whole year for me

and today, as I stare at the wall where I'm going to install a 6 foot long, 3.5 foot high white board in my living room - (which I never would have believed to be a thing even a year ago) I'm reflecting on the year that has been and the unknown 2021 that is unfolding as it sees fit!

I'm realising more and more that I don't have to figure out the

  • new business model,

  • the new version of TABTF,

  • the new anything inside a week or even four!

And with so much uncertainty and shifting sands - whose to say I don't crack it next month and then have it under go change again the following month.?

And I do love and respect the power inside meaningful action!

  • And I do love the experience of personal growth, business growth

  • And I love working in the Financial Services space.

  • And I love my Work That Matters podcast

  • And I have never been one to follow the norm.

  • And I have zero intention of starting now.

To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities.

- Bruce Lee

I was eye ball deep in one of my Sensory Soaks earlier - when an idea emerged.

Take the whole of 2021 to make an informed and deliberate and intentional transition through:

  1. Fun Experiences

  2. Immersives

  3. Applied ideas that also give back (because if ever there was a time to give back)

I will use the data from that collection of activities to determine what's what for 2022.

I'm going to take February to plan #TransitionClub21 and kick it off officially 4 March 2021. 4pm GMT and run it weekly thereafter.

It's a Club!

I know it's a club already because a few of my ideas to experiment with are going to benefit two organisations near and dear to my heart:

1. Sheltersuit

2. Middle East Economy

So me and those two make 3 - it's officially a club.

The Number 21 Because!

I also included '21' - because I am committing to rolling out 21 different activities this year - that can be 60-minutes long or 6 months long - I don't care - that I will use to learn, apply and navigate this Transition with.

Fancy joining me?

Those weekly sessions? #TransitionClub21 - Edits!

Edits! - is a weekly meet up of Business Owners in transition to discuss, debate, share, learn from each other as we explore 1 idea per Friday!

I'll be hosting it as part of my 2021 Transition. This is going to be 1 of my 21 activities to roll out during my Transition Year.

Who do I think this is for?

Any established business owner experiencing a (bigger than expected) transition AND recognising there is a 'hybrid' (hybrid as in: old world, new world, head & heart, destruction & creation, crisis & birthing) unfolding.

These are individuals who have got one foot dangling over where the traditional business-as-usual world once was, and one foot on the staircase leading into this unfolding horizon only visibility is zero. Hahahaha.

Event Registration and details are forthcoming. To get an invite - just make sure you are subscribed to this blog.

So starting Friday, 5 March 2021, 4pm-5pm GMT, I'm going to host weekly 1-hr events that have a single theme appointed for the hour that has a high probability of important to revisit or rethink inside this transitional period.

I'll organise an agenda, calendar thing, and spell out the themes in order of appearance so you can see if any take your fancy - I'll do this inside February! Mark your calendars for now to save the date so to speak.

I'm equally happy to do this solo - as this is going to be dedicated time each week for me to brainstorm, reflect and shift my own perspective on things recognising that this change is going to reach further and deeper than I originally gave it credit for.

Here's to a delicious 2021 unfolding through us - not to us - and here's to opportunities.


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