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Clarity of Purpose: Resources, Tools and Vehicles to Get You Clear

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

An invitation that can make the brightest of minds spin, splutter and find itself staring blankly at a wall. Clarity of Purpose is the expressed synthesis of heart and mind in the pursuit and fulfillment of living a meaningful life.

The Conscious Economy Rising - Research Piece. (from Teach A Brand To Fish)

I tripped over Meaningful back in 2015 - I looked at the 3 biggest trends going on each year from 2005 to 2015 to see if I could spot the trend that was causing such a ripple across the corporate industry at that time. While it is deeply obvious now, at the time I had no idea - that Meaningful Work, Meaningful Careers, Meaningful Employment was the core trend emerging.

Meaningful as a result of Heart and Head

The alignment of Heart and Head for most of us is a challenging trick to pull off. And yet - we will experience the ever consistent tugging. Tugging until it (the heart song, the clarity of purpose) is witnessed, seen, understood and integrated into your life's work.

Making Money from what is Meaningful to you.

This is where I typically live and operate - Teach a Brand to Fish is a growth consultancy for those using their business as a vehicle to self-actualise.

If you are in pursuit of making money from work that is meaningful to you - you have vision, soul, a mission and inspired service to bring to a market - growing that is where I love to play, not necessarily in getting you to figure out your purpose. And I know people who are deeply masterful in that.

I share those resources, people and experiences here for your reference.


Dr. John Demartini and his work on Values and Life Purpose. I am a 7 year student of Dr. Demartini - his work is well worth a critique if you're in this place of wondering who, what, where, when, why. He happens to have a free masterclass coming up next Wednesday and then every month or so thereafter where he shares one way to bring Clarity to Purpose.

1. Do the Free Demartini Values Exercise here >>

2. Register for his free Clarity of Purpose Masterclass here>>


Dr. Kim Jobst, a medical physician, a naturopath, metaphysician and architect of The 3hr Telos Workshop - 1-to-1 workshop where you and Dr. Jobst bring Clarity of Purpose into a tangible existence.


Emily Gowor, Published Author 11x over, Architect and Designer of The Inspiration Formula - Emily facilitates 1-to-1 or in a group experience that results in Clarity of Purpose.


A live 2-Part MasterClass, spanning approx. 5hours: Dr. Jobst and Emily Gowor join forces to bring you an experience that offers Clarity of Purpose in degrees of certainty and knowing that lift you into action.


Manmeet Chowdhry, Human Behaviour Specialist, Coach and Educator, Director of Optimum Performance. Manmeet facilitates clarity of purpose as one string to her bow of many strings. I love, love, lover her logo. Genius visual for what she is so masterful at doing.

I will be adding to this list/post as we go. If you have any tools, resources, books, or similar that I can add here, email it over.

Namaste kids



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About Shannon Eastman

I co-create growth with and for Small Business Owners. I work, play and teach in the areas of Business Growth, Personal Growth, Human Behaviour, FinTech, Crypto, AI, Blockchain.

I am involved in a few communities, including: Crypto Curry Club, Funds Ireland MiniCon, -

I own and operate TBF labs for Small Business Owners who prefer to outsource some (or all) of their growth implementation activities.

Today I live in Dublin, Ireland.

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