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Keith Blakemore-Noble on the Visibility Paradox

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“There is only one thing worse in the world than the fear of being seen, and that is the fear of not being seen.” Oscar Wilde.

Meet Keith Blakemore-Noble:

Keith Blakemore-Noble, a fear strategist, coach, international speaker, multi-time best-selling author, hypnotist, an occasional magician, and our first guest here on the Work That Matters podcast joins us to discuss The Visibility Paradox: Why being seen has us in hiding.

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Keith and Shannon explore context and answers to these questions:

  1. What is the difference between the conscious and unconscious?

  2. What is mindset, where does it come from?

  3. Aren't we just born this way?

  4. How can we change our mindset, in a way that lasts?

  5. Why have I not been able to make changes?

  6. I've used affirmations, I've tried to believe, what's going wrong?

Being visible, particularly. when we are up to something bigger than ourselves, can be scary and uncomfortable for so many of us; to be standing up for what you believe in and to be attracting attention is not for the faint of heart.

Yet the desire to do, to be, to have, it persists.

When we can reframe our relationship with fear, the shift towards what we want feels accessible and thus achievable.

Fear as the stone with which we get to sharpen our sword is a powerful reframe. Uncomfortable? Yes. But it can lend itself to outcomes that see you expanding more, contracting less.

Shannon references Fear Shame Guilt Triangles (FSG Triangles) and the idea that FSG Triangles are simply an invitation for you to identify the specific thing now, that wants to be: seen, healed and reintegrated within you - to facilitate you becoming the next upgraded version of you. The version of you that gets to realise the goal you're in pursuit of.

Keith’s article on the Visibility Paradox he wrote in preparation for this conversation can be found over here:

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