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Pitstops on the way to self-actualisation

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Meet Dr. Dave Tuck:

Dr. Dave Tuck has over 27 years of experience in the health and wellness field as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Personal Wellness Consultant and Entrepreneur and he is the owner of Texoma Wellness Center, with 2 locations in the North Texas area. The clinics focus on balancing the body and mind through offering exceptional care and cutting edge services from healing professionals. He is a speaker, teacher and published author and regularly appears on TV, radio as well as writes newspaper and magazine articles. Dr. Tuck is dedicated to helping his clients and patients breakthrough their obstacles and limiting beliefs, gain clarity of vision, reduce their stress levels and help them reach their desired goals As a Senior Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator, Dave has over 20 years’ experience consulting clients 1:1, facilitating transformational workshops, hosting retreats, as well as speaking and teaching to audiences globally.

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The timing of this conversation feels ordained.

Or more likely, I made it feel important as I was parked at one of those pitstops myself when Dr. Dave and I met on Zoom for a conversation about:

  • the human condition

  • purpose and mission

  • self actualisations

and thus, all of the conflict, challenge, set backs, failures and struggle that this journey is made from. It can absolutely be a ball ache - and it is absolutely the way out.

So - the timing of this conversation was like medicine for me. And I even got to experience a moment of clarity in this exchange thanks to a quality question Dr. Dave presented to me mid-conversation. I shift in that moment from a place of frustration and maybe even embarrassment at the shenanigans going on at that particular pitstop - to one of gratitude.

Pain and Adversity, transformed, produces gratitude. We touch on this at the very end, and agree immediately to come back the following week to explore that topic fully. That, /this topic - pain, struggle and transformation - is my jam. All day.

Much love, much respect to you and yours.

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