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[Part 3 of 3] You know you have a limiting belief acting out when...

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Now. where were we? Limiting Beliefs installed as programs. And pin pointing the installed program running our life that we now want to change. Yes.

A limiting belief is like the root of a tree. You can't see it. It's one of many. It's doing something to direct the growth of that there tree.

The roots are deciding how tall, what colour leaves, what fruit that tree will produce and so on.

If you’re not liking the fruit of the tree then you are invited to do "The Work" to alter the roots of that tree so it can produce something different.

When you are observing the tree - and concluding you are not happy with what is being produced - that right there is feedback. The tree is giving you feedback that you are using to assess your degree of satisfaction with said tree.

Changing the fruit of the tree means digging into the roots!

That tree has a lot of roots - which freaking root is it then?

Start with the feedback you are getting from the tree that irks you most.

  1. You’re pissed off that you’re still the industry’s best kept secret

  2. Your business is not growing despite 100-hr work weeks

  3. You’re resenting your clients because you’re not charging enough

OK. Great feedback.

We start with one at a time. In this case, we’ll start with number one.

“You’re pissed off that you’re still the industry’s best kept secret”

This is the fruit your tree is producing and you’re not that crazy about it. Got it!

So we follow this sour fruit back into the root of the tree with the help of our 3-wise-kids; fear, shame, guilt.

Let’s say that we invite them over for tea… and promise to get curious about the gifts they are carrying for us this time.

So we do.

We observe that fear is the first one shaking its gift at us. We take a deep breath and

we open it up.

We get to see there is a fear of Being Seen.

That there is also Imposter Syndrome… and just about that time you see Imposter Syndrome, the other 2 wise kids put their gifts on the table - and there’s shame.

I am not good enough is looking up at you from inside the gift box.

And before you know it - we have Guilt literally bursting out of the box. Let’s leave Guilt in the box for now. We have plenty to be curious about already.

  • Fear of Being Seen

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • I am not good enough

We are literally tracing back wards from the (irritating) feedback we are getting from our tree - in this case it is “I’m the industry’s best kept secret!”

When we explored "Im the Industry's best kept secret", we discovered:

  • Fear of Being Seen

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • I am not good enough

No need to be greedy. We will just take one to start with.

Fear of Being Seen

So we start becoming curious about this one:

What does it mean to you - Being Seen?

We might find things like: Being Seen scares me because...

  1. Other people - what will they say, what will they do, how will they judge me?

  2. Shame about how we look

  3. Fear of failing publicly

These answer are guiding us into the (specific) root that is ready to be seen and uninstalled to be reinstalled.

When we dig deeper into "Being Seen Scares Me!" we will find a story from an experience that took place long long ago that installed the program that it is safer to hide.

You will then be able to spot over the last 5 to 10 years, all the evidence you have to prove why it is safer to hide. Your reality gives you evidence to prove you're right based on the unconscious program you are running.

The story from long long ago will not be too dissimilar to one that goes something like this:

Being seen causes mummy, who was diagnosed as bi-polar and who is a text book narcissist to become enraged. When she’s enraged she drinks. When she drinks your 5-year old self gets hurt. When you hide. You were safe. When you weren’t seen, you would put music in your ears, and your imagination would take you to all sorts of wonderful imaginary places.

Here’s the beauty!

When you were 5 - it was safer to hide. Great strategy 5 year old! Brilliant really.

Now as an adult, your logic, reason and understanding is mature and active - and recognises that this belief made sense for your 5 year old self - but now it is no longer required.

BUT - the installed program doesn’t get uninstalled by thinking alone.

Uninstalling that program takes work!

I feel like I am leaving you on a cliff hanger now - and that is absolutely not my intention. “The Work” part is a layer that I am bringing to life with a few experts including a medical doctor, chiropractor, cardiologist and similar. It's coming - it will be part two.

For now, I would invite you to sit with what has been shared here and if it resonates and you want to know more, leave your details in the contact form and we’ll add you to the mailing list. Spam is not my thing - The Work that Matters is absolutely my thing.

If you really want to see more about changing the unconscious programming - then click into the blog category titled: Being Yourself - I've got a few more shares there in this theme.

To be continued.


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