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[Part 2 of 3] You know you have a limiting belief acting out when...

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Uninstalling unconscious programs

I’ve probably done more work in this one area than on any other area of life including business. The programs I had installed in my unconscious self were running my life into crisis after crisis after crisis.

I didn’t have it in me to kill myself, so in July 2011, which is by far, the peak of my desire to die, I decided I would do whatever it takes to make it hurt less or die trying. No pun intended. Hah!

10 years later and not only does it not hurt, but inside one of the most tumultuous years the world has ever known, (2021) I am in flow. I am deeply content. And my mind is quiet. There is no chatter.

You know when the doctor says it’s going to get worse before it gets better?

Well - I’m going to offer that up here.

When I was going through the process of figuring out what the eff had to happen to change my unconscious programs - I felt like I was being burned alive from the inside out.

I was unwrapping those gifts and hugging toilets.

I jest you not!

I was blowing my nose from ugly crying so much, my nose was raw for days. I ached. I screamed. Once I even bolted out of a building (attending another conference) and sprinted around the building 3x to purge the rage and emotion from unwrapping yet another freaking gift.

I don't anymore - because I have reframed my relationship to Fear, Shame, Guilt and at this stage I have to chase them down, dig to find more. I value them so much.

I pray I never forget those days. It’s those exact moments that inspire me to share what I have learned, to keep researching and keep showing up.

Now that I am on this side of it, I really do wonder what all the fuss was about.

I mean that genuinely from my heart, with the gift of hindsight, of course.

With the gift of being able to stand on this side of it looking back over it and realising while it was painful, my mind made it insufferable, until it didn’t. And Yes! I was an intense, somewhat odd child too. Hah!

Stages of embodiment - CAPAW! (Said like a SuperHero jumping over buildings!)

Helpful to be reminded of these stages I reckon.

When our mind is seeing so much pain, it tends to want a get-rich-quick pill or some form of Immediate gratification or its out! The mind can become impulsive and fiercely impatient.

(Guess who I’m describing there, then? Hahaha)

And yet… like most things, there is a natural order and cycle to bringing change to your life.

So here’s what I’ve come to realise that would have been helpful to have tattooed on my face 10 damn years ago. I can be such a ‘dense focker’ at times. Geeze.

  1. Change! Begins with a desire for change so we begin seeking.

  2. Awareness! Become aware of a resource or person that we sense will be able to assist us to complete whatever change we are keen to make

  3. Perception! Perception Shifts/expands through acquisition of knowledge

  4. Application! of Knowledge - We receive it, process it, apply it. Information metabolises as we consume it and in the days that follow before it settles fully in us

  5. Wisdom! Embodiment of what we learned through repetition over time is where knowledge becomes wisdom

Hope that revision was helpful.

To be continued.


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