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[Part 2 of 2] 8 Insights I discovered trying to be myself

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What does it take to truly shift my own bullshit into something that feels healthy and inspired?

Carl Jung suggested that truly shifting an area of life is on par with passing through the eye of a needle, blindfolded, tied between two elephants.

I jest, but only half. He didn't say the blindfolded elephant bit.

At the time - I didn't know the following:

1. I didn't know that the Conscious mind governs 1% to 5% of my day-to-day activities. The rest of the day was conducted on autopilot using one of my unconscious programmes from my unconscious self.

2. I didn't know that the unconscious mind governs 95% of my day-to-day activities using a mix of those unconscious programmes it has on file.

3. I didn't know that anytime I started thinking (I used to think, obsess, analyse, a lot a lot) - my unconscious mind would quickly and quietly kick in one of those pre-made (self -sabotaging) programmes completely oblivious to my Conscious mind.

4. Self Consciousness (Self Awareness and the pursuit of Self Actualisation) is a bolted on option that very few of us seek to turn on never mind develop. I didn't know that!! I assumed everyone had this incessant pulling, calling, drive to know, understand and become our true self. Turns out? That is not the case.

5. I had ZERO idea that you cannot re-programme the unconscious mind by adding knowledge to the conscious mind.

And it just happened to me again only one hour ago.

I'm in quarantine. I am allowed to go out and exercise; I get on my bicycle fully intending to take a new route to the park along the canal that empties into the Irish sea.

I had the thought of cycling along the canal to scope out a kayaking route, I warmed to the idea as I got on my bicycle.

As I cycled out of the driveway, I started thinking about the morning's events, what to do tomorrow and 30 minutes later I stop on the side of the road to reflect on what just happened twigging I've gone the opposite direction of the canal.

I set an intention of taking a new route. I let my conscious mind get busy thinking, so my unconscious mind reached quietly and quickly reached for a bicycle route programme that would take us to the park.

So while I was busy thinking about whatever, my unconscious mind ran my life in that 30-minutes and for the most part, I was oblivious to what was happening. I was too busy thinking.

I'm guessing you have had this experience too,

perhaps in a car?

You get in the car thinking you're going to Jennifer's gaf.

And an hour later you're freaking the eff out because you don't remember anything after pulling out of the driveway.

You were busy thinking - and your unconscious self stuck a programme in to tend to the driving. Hah.

The 8 Insights I discovered transforming my life:

Here - I made you a picture.

Next question usually is:

What are the tools, strategies, and resources we can engage to get on with it?

I'm guessing that if there are 8 billion people on the planet then there are probably 8 billion ways to do that.

I think I've got about 17 ways that I have really valued in assisting me along the way.

You can find those over here and decide for yourself if they resonate with you or not.

I also have a ton of resources in this TABTF blog for you to peruse at leisure. If you are using your business as a vehicle to self actualise, then this TABTF blog is probably worth a visit or five.

Namaste to you and yours


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