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[Part 1 of 3] You know you have a limiting belief acting out when...

Updated: Apr 21

This is Part 1 of 3 in a 3 - Part series.

  1. Part 2 is here

  2. Part 3 is here

I believe, therefore I am.... or something like that.

Beliefs are installed - thoughts alone do not uninstall or reinstall shit.

These are the unconscious programs that are installed in you and running your life. When you get pissed off enough with your day-to-day, then the desire for change becomes real and you usually starting taking some form of action.

Helpful things to know about Limiting Beliefs installed as unconscious programs:

  1. Beliefs are installed from 0 to 6 years of age

  2. Beliefs are installed through trauma

  3. Beliefs are installed because they repeatedly told us so

  4. Beliefs are installed by my own repetitive behaviour

You know you have a (limited) belief acting out when:

  1. You know what to do, yet you just can’t do it.

  2. You keep tripping over the same damn shenanigans 10 years later

  3. You have read all the books, done all the seminars and feel the need to redo them again.

  4. You're all psyched when you’re with the teacher, but lost and barren when the teacher is gone

  5. Your friends suggest you join a 10-step program to recover from self-help programs

  6. You hit the same brick wall, just a different day and flavour

  7. You realise you don’t want to bother goal setting anymore - what's the point?

  8. You’re meeting different damn fools, pissing you off in the same damn ways

  9. You realise you’re bored of your stories

  10. You hide more, share less

  11. You punch the heavens declaring you’re strong enough - stop the life lessons already!

  12. You’re seeing your ideas executed by others and you’re pissed off that you won’t bloody get on with it already

  13. When life ups the ante by using base ball bats up side your head to get you to cop the eff on already

  14. You’re teaching material that causes your Imposter Syndrome to flare up, bad

  15. You’re resenting your client because you didn’t charge them enough

  16. The idea of being seen makes you break out in a rash

  17. You start believing you should just give up

  18. Your next birthday arrives and you’re consumed thinking about another year gone with nothing to show for it

  19. You pick yet another partner who breaks your heart in the exact same way

  20. You are your industry’s best kept secret

Limiting Beliefs - Change them and your life changes

Limiting Beliefs passively aggressively express in your life. As opposed to altered beliefs that express harmoniously in you and through you.

Your Limiting Beliefs have 3-Wise Kids, armed with gifts that when unpacked lead you to exactly what to change.

Only the 3-wise kids look scary AF and their gifts look ugly.

And yet what is inside those gifts are: freedom, wisdom and flow.

Those 3 wise-kids are called: Fear, Shame, Guilt

They visit you by design - only we don’t recognise them as friends with gifts, so we send them away, not realising those limiting beliefs continue to act out passive aggressively in every area of our life until we (finally) receive our 3 wee friends, pour them tea, get curious about them while unpacking their gifts for us.

Fear, Shame, Guilt fully examined, are one way to unearth one of your limiting beliefs that was installed ages ago that is now acting out in ways that are irritating at best, soul destroying at worst.

When you see the installed program, then you get to choose to either do 'The Work' to uninstall it, and reinstall something new, or leave it there for a while longer until you are ready to do The Work of uninstalling and reinstalling. I'm serious - sometimes you can see it, and park it until you're ready to get stuck in.

To be continued.


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