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More Flow, Less Force; 80% of this is about what you are feeding your 5 senses

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Trying to force ideas, inspiration and creative problem solving while feeling anxiety, stress and god knows what else?

That right there is, "futility in a cup"!

No wonder you are frustrated, at your wit's end and exhausted - emotionally exhausted.

That's not how this flow stuff works.

Here's what I would have loved to have known 25 years ago!

  1. There are 5 Brainwaves that yield different results. Flow State is Alpha/Theta and impossible to reach while you're in spaces of self loathing, anxiety, not sleeping and shame, fear, guilt. In these states we think we can force shit... and we do and it is short lived and well, forced. If you are not familiar with the 5 BrainWaves - school yourself, now! You can start here with a simple infographic to kick things off.

  2. Performance, Flow and Regeneration are created/accessed by feeding your 5 senses stuff. When it comes to accessing a Flow State, I have provided examples of exactly what I do Resource Wise and Exercise Wise over here >>

  3. Soak Your Senses! - And I've taken the liberty of pushing things out 1 step further by scribbling another picture together that spells this out yet again from a different angle: This scribble is titled: Soak your Senses. As in - soak your senses deliberately by feeding them materials that directs your body to shift into Flow.

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