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[SLIDESHOW] From despair to zen with bits of 'go f@ck yourself' from time to time

Updated: Apr 27

I've had four conversations recently with beautiful souls who are varying degrees of highly functioning, suicidal to lost and inside turmoil almost at a stand still despite appearances of 'all good' on the outside.

One of those conversations saw the person I was talking with saying to me - they envied my ability to be so calm and zen inside circumstances that were challenging.

Another conversation had the person I was talking to suggest that they had just discovered at age 70, that unconsciously they hate themselves, they can't see that they have anything meaningful to contribute. The nod to the idea that they would be happily enough exit life, stage left, if it weren't for the person's two grown adult boys.

Another was a darling woman who has just lost 25lbs only to wake up the other day and throw her routine and lifesytle habits she's cultivated over a year - out the window and default back to her old patterns - "Why, Why, Why can I not just stick to something that makes me so happy?"

It naturally got my wheels spinning and wondering all sorts!

My first thought... have I actually transformed my world from despair to degrees of zen? Or am I hallucinating all of this? 😆😆😆

My next thought?

Have I had a psychotic, dissociative break? - is it possible that I've found my way to the other side, when those I speak with from similar backgrounds, insist it can't be done?

Then my next thought was

"I absolutely did have a psychological break from my old patterns!" And I definitely have a different relationship with my past experiences and with myself.

So I took out a pen and paper and started drawing my own journey as I attempted to visualise how I went about it.

Maybe to offer up a sign post to these 4 beautiful souls to see if it would be of any assistance in their journey.

Maybe partially to provide myself with evidence that I had in fact covered sufficient ground from my days of despair, to where I perceive myself to hang out more so today - which would be a lot more calm and inner peace.

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