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I jumped into Crypto, AI, Blockchain - here’s what I’ve learned!

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

I (now) want to understand what is going on with Crypto, Blockchain and AI because I reckon it’s kind of like understanding what social, mobile and cloud were going to do back in 2001.

Full disclosure - I am a creative at heart.

For my day job, I co-create growth for FinTechs and Advisors, Experts and Firms in the financial services space, (personal development space too) - I tend to view the world through a filter of innovation, changing the game, co-creating opportunities, peer-to-peer everything - all the fun things that innovates and creates growth for small business owners - and less on technical subject matter.

It was early summer 2021 that I made some room in my work world to partner with Crypto Curry Club - a banging hot community, founded by Erica Stanford, that has its roots in crypto conversations over curry (and beers) in London, Oxford and Bristol. Erica has won accolades for what she has built, along with the love of a 30k+ strong community of advanced practitioners in Crypto.

I learn by doing, implementing and analysing outcomes in real time with the intention of responding, also in real time, to either enable or pivot. Right now my focus is on deepening my knowledge of Crypto, AI, Blockchain which I lovingly refer to as CAB - (I know! Another acronym)

So - I’ll be doing a series of articles on Crypto, AI and Blockchain (CAB), first and foremost to upgrade my own learning, and second to share with anyone who is more like me (beginner but eager to learn) and wanting concise, tell-me like-I’m-6-years-old content.

Crypto, AI, Blockchain - an (eager) Beginner's Guide includes:

1. The Crypto, AI, Blockchain (CAB) Glossary, Shannon Style

2. The psychology hacks I applied to learn about Crypto, AI & Blockchain (CAB)

3. Crypto, AI, Blockchain, Trends 2021

4. How and what I invested in to further my learning curve.


This article is for informational purposes only, it should not be considered Financial or Legal Advice. Consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

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About Shannon Eastman

I co-create growth with and for Small Business Owners. I work, play and teach in the areas of Business Growth, Personal Growth, Human Behaviour, FinTech, Crypto, AI, Blockchain.

I am involved in a few communities, including: Crypto Curry Club, Funds Ireland MiniCon, InsideGROWTH.io -

I own and operate TBF labs for Small Business Owners who prefer to outsource some (or all) of their growth implementation activities.

Today I live in Dublin, Ireland.

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