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Dr. Dave Tuck on Encountering Challenges as an Entrepreneur

Updated: May 13

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Dr. Dave Tuck has over 27 years of experience in the health and wellness field as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Personal Wellness Consultant and Entrepreneur and he is the owner of Texoma Wellness Center, with 2 locations in the North Texas area. The clinics focus on balancing the body and mind through offering exceptional care and cutting edge services from healing professionals. He is a speaker, teacher and published author and regularly appears on TV, radio as well as writes newspaper and magazine articles. Dr. Tuck is dedicated to helping his clients and patients breakthrough their obstacles and limiting beliefs, gain clarity of vision, reduce their stress levels and help them reach their desired goals As a Senior Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator, Dave has over 20 years’ experience consulting clients 1:1, facilitating transformational workshops, hosting retreats, as well as speaking and teaching to audiences globally.

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Dr. Dave and I discussed about blind spots, symptoms and the best possible practice you can make on your path as a business owner. All entrepreneurs can relate at some point, when you build your company or develop your ideas, you're going to end up in some times of crisis, some uncertainty, some confusion, and that's all part of learning to get to the next level of leadership and business success.

We've also discussed the different responses and reactions that we have to face. The universe will also encourage you to grow up, and point out those blind spots. There would need to be a distinction between the company's blind spots and the symptoms we ignore. We find those moments of uncertainty, those moments of confusion because there is something about ourselves that we need to understand deeply.

Symptoms are always there, because you always have ups and downs, but when you're really in tune with your business, it’s similar to being in tune with your body. When you're starting to feel a minor symptom, you’re going to pay attention to it and make tweaks for your business.

It is the same way when you get symptoms in your relationship, symptoms in your finances, symptoms in your business, and then your health. These are all just feedback. We're given these to teach us to tweak what we're doing, and if we don't pay attention to those symptoms, when they're small, we're just going to let someone fix that. If we just ignore that, we’re going to attract bigger symptoms, just like you do with your body.

One of the things you can do is take a deep breath, step back, then ask yourself these quality questions, which was probably one of the keys to learning, such as:

  • How does this going to serve me?

  • How can I grow from this experience?

  • How can I capitalize on what's happening?

  • How is what's happening actually going to make me a better entrepreneur?

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