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David Foster on Being Yourself

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Meet David Foster:

David Foster is a Master Coach, author and inspirational speaker.

Since 2012 he has helped ambitious business owners and coaches throughout

the world be themselves and create more balance, clarity and freedom so they can

live inspired lives they love leading. His work specialises in helping people connect with their true purpose, get clarity on their plans, and make massive progress fast so they can have a growing business, better relationships with their family and enjoy all that life has to offer. David has dedicated his life to being a present parent, creating a loving family unit and inspiring people all over the world connect with themselves and their families before it’s too late. He lives in Essex with his wife, Trix, and their two sons, Rocco and Enzo.

David's book - Where's Dad - download the first 5 chapters here >>

We of course touched on David's recently published book. A book likely to be deeply resonant for any entrepreneur/business owner who finds themselves busy, putting in a lot of hours and struggling to find the time and space to be present, content and profitable.

We discussed what it was that led to this book, his thoughts on Clarity - and why he rates having clarity as highly as he does.

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One of my favourite exchanges so far is this conversation with David Foster.

David and I unpacked, explored and examined our former selves as part of articulating a few approaches we have discovered along the way to being (becoming) yourself.

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