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Crypto, AI, Blockchain Trends 2021

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

It was inside this interview I did over here with Earle Hall, CEO of a Crypto Tech firm, Axes, already transforming the Gambling industry, that cattle prodded my wake up call into Crypto, AI and Blockchain trend being more, on our heels, and less, something to look forward to circa 2030.

I have swam in the traditional financial services waters for just shy of a decade.

I spent most of that time working with FinTechs who were selling to Funds, Banks and Insurance firms around the world.

Q2 2021, I added Crypto, AI and Blockchain to my remit after partnering with Crypto Curry Club to support the commercial side of the community - a few months in, and I can’t help but notice a rather stark contrast between Traditional Finance and Emerging Finance and the lack of bridges between the two.

I’m defining Traditional Finance as: FinTechs (Built on Tech that is 5+ years old or older that use technology that sits outside of blockchain, AI and Crypto protocols), Banks, Funds, and Insurance

I’m defining Emerging Finance as: CryptoTech, AI, Blockchain

Having spent the last few months talking to dozens from both camps about their focus, their interests and where they see the bridge between the two camps, I’m fascinated as to when, and how, these two worlds will converge.

I figured a proper look at the current trends and activities taking place in Crypto, AI and Blockchain (CAB), dubbed Web 3.0, may shed some light on where some of this is headed.

If you want a wee cheat sheet in Crypto, AI and Blockchain - then this Crypto, AI, Blockchain Glossary, Shannon Style may be worth a visit.



Crypto Trends, 2021

AI Trends, 2021

Blockchain Trends, 2021


The Crypto Trends, 2021

Digital Assets Labs - Global Fund Firms who could be deemed the age of grandparents within the Traditional Finance camp, eg, global, big, and easily 100 years old, are organising internal teams to form committees that are being tasked with running Digital Asset Labs to resolve how, and where, they will enter the Crypto space. <- I’m so happy to hear this.

Traditional FS Professionals buying Crypto - of the people I’ve talked to...85% of the professionals working withinTraditional Finance have not yet purchased crypto currency. 15% have, with €500 to €1000 invested.

Crypto Insurance - Insurance firms are starting to insure crypto accounts, crypto firms, and insure against attacks on crypto assets.

Google Finance’ Crypto Tab went live 26 March, 2021 - as of the date of this article, that’s going on 5 months old now.


Regulators are establishing crypto regulation all over the world. Recently, over in 'Merica SEC Chair Gary Gensler reaffirmed the need for clarity in crypto regulation in an interview with Bloomberg. “While I’m neutral on the technology, even intrigued... I’m not neutral about investor protection,” “It’s only with bringing things inside — and sort of clearly within our public policy goals — that a technology has a chance of broader adoption.”

Crypto Taxes are here and expanding across the horizon.

Pro Crypto Countries - Speaking of Taxes, we already have Pro-Crypto countries like Germany, Switzerland and Portugal will welcome crypto and blockchain developers with open arms.

CryptoTech firms are volunteering to get regulated. (a painful, long, expensive process that they are opting into, throwing a bit of shade at the Wild Wild West labels they’ve been shouldering for a while now.

NFTs got so popular, so saturated there’s chatter they’re poised to now lose their value in the form they’ve been operating in - and word on the street from one of the smartest Chiefs I know heading up one of Ireland’s largest asset management firms, is thinking NFTs are set to replace derivatives.

Want to know how to trade crypto? Ask your kids, or grand kids - they just need to be Millenial in age or younger - the fastest growing segment of crypto traders to date are the kids. They have been reported to have swarmed Trading Apps like RobinHood and My Wall Street circa March 2020 - and literally traded through the lockdown.

According to Blockchain Capital, the number of Stablecoins in circulation increased 500% in 2020 — suggesting they are now, “one of the most-used payment networks in the world.”

AMC Movie Theater Chain - is accepting bitcoin for tickets and concessions. “I’ve had to learn more in the past six months about blockchain and cryptocurrency than I learned about it in the entire decade before that,” said AMC’s CEO.

My thoughts on these Crypto shenanigans?

I am no early adopter in the tech space. Not by a mile. And yet I can't help but recognise that some significant changes have taken place in the world, are taking place, that will ensure the world will never be the same again. While I am less interested in the individual applications of Crypto shenangians, I can't ignore that is a very real, very present category that has only begun to show us what it can do.

What am I doing?

1. Taking Digital Currency seriously. I have opened a Coinbase account. I have a few bucks going into my accounts each month.

2. I opened a Degiro account.

3. I am talking to people daily in the Traditional Finance word, and those in the emerging tech (CAB) world to understand multiple perspectives on this subject matter.

4. I am reading, writing and blogging about it here

5. Not getting caught up in the hype - cautious and slow because this space is rife with scams, hacks, and all sorts of ways to get screwed.

6. Thinking .... Beginners beware. and Buyers beware too.

I'm also reflecting on Mark Cuban's comments:

“Shutting off this growth engine would be the equivalent of stopping e-commerce in 1995 because people were afraid of credit card fraud,”

“Or regulating the creation of websites because some people initially thought they were complicated and didn't understand what they would ever amount to."


AI Trends, 2021

Future of Work - Word on the street is that the future of jobs will either be done by AI, or informed by AI, and that transition will be felt as early as 2025.

Moderna went digital first when bringing their covid vaccine to market. Moderna’s Chief of AI said, “Humans are really good at creativity and flexibility and insight, whereas machines are really good at precision and giving the exact same result every single time and doing it at scale and speed. What we find [to be] the most successful projects are where we kind of put the two together — have the machine do the parts of the job that it’s good at [and] let the humans take over for the rest of that.”

Cars - It’s AI that’s now driving those cars

Board Games - Kicking your ass at ancient board games - that would be AI

Health - Detecting Diabetes - more AI and Smart Insulin to manage Diabetes 1? That’s in full swing too.

Wars - Israel fought an AI war and won

Facial Recognition - Taylor Swift uses facial recognition to track stalkers - so do airports by the way.

Keeping us safe(r)? AI is what is strengthening Cybersecurity protocols

I’ll wrap this list up with the words of Francois Chollet “AI will become our interface to the world.” AI is set to live in your cameras, your phone, your computer, your glasses, clothes and the physical, virtual places you hang out in.

My thoughts on these AI shenanigans?

I am doing my homework. I'm practising asking questions like - what does this category mean for us globally? And avoiding the trips down rabbit holes where we debate the black, white, right, wrong, good, bad of AI as an application. AI is here, it's changed the world already - and it hasn't even got its feet under the tab le yet.

What am I doing?

1. Educate thyself, Shannon!

2. Taking it very seriously - and focusing on its application in my wee world - what will this mean for my business? My clients? My lifestyle? Those are great questions for us both to start with.

3. Listening to experts implementing world changing applications -


Blockchain Trends, 2021


Blockchain is already relied on by Walmart and Starbucks - and those requirements rest outside of anything Crypto-ish. Thus blockchain is diversifying (diversified) in how people build on it and use it.


Blockchain technology and the travel industry are getting blockchain happy with the likes of - Travala and CheapAir taking their seat at the travel table.

Supply Chain!

Blockchain supply chain management platforms are popping up all over - add sensors to your products using RFID so that when scanned, they get logged into the blockchain, making counterfeit way more difficult. Or letting you see for-reals - where your shrimp came from, where your coffee, timber, seafood and minerals came from.


Healthcare - Health Wallets - this tool combines AI, blockchain and big data to holistically manage a patient's data

Civil Engineering!

Civil Infrastructure - Finalize has paired AI and Blockchain to automate and speed up construction industry workflow, management and verification processes, and its technology also integrates with wearables to meet safety regulations.

NetObjex is a smart city infrastructure platform that uses AI, blockchain and IoT to power everything from connected devices to cloud-based products. The combination of these technologies reportedly improves logistics tracking, real-time failure detection and data and device authentication.

Trading Crypto!

CoinGenius - is an AI-driven cryptocurrency trading platform that gives crypto traders AI-based scoring systems, high-quality data feeds and advanced forecasting so they can personalize news and trading features to maximize their efforts.


AlphaNetworks is a blockchain-powered entertainment platform that uses AI to enhance audience analytics and viewership algorithms. The combination of AI and blockchain powers the company’s “Proof-of-Engagement” (POE) tools that automatically trigger payments to content providers based on views and engagement times.


Final thoughts:

Consider that today is the slowest day you and I will ever experience as the planet collectively moves into the hockey stick (J Curve) wave of this next, All-Change.

So if it took 20 years of social, mobile and cloud to take center stage, could we conservatively say that Crypto, AI and Blockchain can do it faster? I’m going to argue, no- people don’t like change.

If we give it a 20 year time frame - and stamp its official beginnings to be 2008 when that Crypto White Paper was published by your man, Satoshi Nakamoto - then if we add 20 years, 2028 becomes a fascinating milestone.


This article is for informational purposes only, it should not be considered Financial or Legal Advice. Consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

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