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Cathy Presland on Personal Leadership

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Meet Cathy Presland:

Cathy is a Leadership Coach and works with clients across a range of organisations but often broadly in the arena of social change.

Before becoming a coach she worked for a long time in economics and public policy, including seven years as a development economist in Southern Africa.

Aside from her coaching practice she volunteers time for a number of pro bono initiatives including co-leading a the coaching network of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

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A woman I have so much time, love, and respect for, Cathy Presland. She's one of those people whose poise and calm can be sensed long before you meet her.

Cathy and I dove deep into a conversation that has us questioning why we believe what we believe, what are the parts of leadership that distinguish the diamonds from the zirconias, and I even had a moment for pause when she challenged me on a statement I have taken for granted for way too long.

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