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Bob Quinn CFP on the Importance of Wealth Building

Updated: Apr 7

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Meet Bob Quinn CFP:

Certified, Qualified, Experienced and dedicated to delivering unbiased financial insights to ensure your wealth building efforts serve you best; the reasons I opened The Money Advisers more than a decade ago. When you are 50ish, your wealth building conversations encompass more areas of life, with more nuanced context directed by a wisdom that only comes from being 50ish.

The W.I.S.D.O.M. Approach to wealth building:

W – Wealth by design; as a professional and/or a business owner

I – Inheritance and gifts; yours and theirs at a specific time

S – Savings, Investments, Pensions and Assets in their rightful places

D – Death, divorce and dementia; preparing for life’s definites, and maybes

O– Organising, maximising and delivering a strong set of personal finances

M – Making time for what’s important in life; family, relationships and colleagues

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Bob was able to share his insight on what the absence of the Wealth Building will do to your company. For self-employed business owners, the mantra is Plan for the Worst and Hope for the Best. Wanting to live a one-sided life does not enable you to reach your full potential in your business form. There is no doubt that there are inherent risks in working for you, rather than working for anyone else. Every business owner has to look at the elimination of these potential risks.

Bob and I explored two subjects in- depth: the probability of stability and risk mitigation. It is believed that there's this implicit relationship with money, and a kind of fear envelops the relationship with money that causes us to be diverted from it, to avoid it, or not to go into the depths of it.

Bob set up his company because he saw a significant lack of unbiased advice when it came to personal financial matters. One of the major compounding elements of this sense of anxiety as a business owner comes from personal finances. Bob reminded me that your finances are there to help what you want to do with your life. Your finances are not there to control you. Your finances are like another friendship we've had in our lives. We've got to respect it.

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