Influence x3 forms

1. Brand Awareness (firm/product)

2. Thought Leadership (individual)

3. Philosophy (approach to problem solving)

Influence Because

Being known, liked, and trusted before they even meet you in the first place changes the dynamic, shortens the pre-sales effort and increases your own value. 

It also means you are showing up inside your subject matter expertise - a space you naturally thrive in. Experience tells us this space drives sales in a way that feels better than humping legs for sales.

Influence Means

You are on your way to understanding the distinction between pre-sales communication and post-sales communication.  Your online presence and your content are either good enough, or perfect for now. 

Influence is about being seen, as a thought leader, with meaningful contribution, that showcases your philosophy that resolves X in ways that make your audience want to know more about how to work with you.



The Pyramid of Influence

This is YOU inside your area of genius presenting on a theme directly related to your subject matter. 

These are your Peers inside a collaboration, holding complimentary views on the matter. For example: Anthropologist, Physician, Head of People & Culture all discussing the #3FootJourney from head to heart. 

The Audience is Leveraged x3 directions. The Host shares you and your peers, your peers share you, you share your peers. 

This is the MC or Host coordinating the Influence piece on behalf of you & your peers, with a team producing media assets for you.

The Value of Influence?

Brand Awareness: Weaved into your message, promoted on other people's platforms, being interviewed. All promotion. 

Thought Leadership: Your Personal Brand matters - it gets you opportunities, gets you clients, gets you leverage. 

Your Network: Expands exponentially when you are inside a collaboration with your peer group who share the same audience and are inspired by the same ares seeking evolution. 

Philosophy: Everybody solves problems. But HOW is what matters. 

Influence Method

A typical Influence Program spans 16-weeks and moves through 3 phases: Discovery, Distill, Deploy. 

Discovery takes place inside a mini collaboration with a group of your peers and your ideal clients with debate, exploration and challenge embraced as we Distill the big ideas that want to emerge.  The Distilling process can yield mini books, mini workshops, mini conferences that finally lends itself to a complete set of media that is Deployed far and wide by the host, the peer group and you. 

The Influence Program has a big idea at its core - a GROWTH theme - that you are invited to wade in on as a subject matter expert. 

Amplified Influence

Is organic and fun.


It takes your single post about your product, and swaps it for your big insight on a big growth theme, debated with your peers that seeks to evolve all of us, that ends up in dozens of published media pieces promoted on your behalf across the industry. 

Articles, Podcasts, Infographics, Videos, eBooks, Methodologies 

and similar are just the beginning.