Your online presence includes:

1. brand owned media such as your website, your social profiles, your podcast, you free material. 

2. shared media produced by others that features you; interviews, podcasts, guest blog posts you provide to others. 

3. earned media is media independently produced by others that (positively) features you

4. paid media - the online ads you buy to meet a specific goal

There's an acronym I use to help organise this portion of IMPACT: P.O.S.E. for Media Mentions (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned). I have presented the content in the order of importance. Most small businesses don't need to worry too much about P/E. 


Pre-sales content vs Post-sales content 

Pre-sales content is the language, structure and presentation you use for people in the know me, like me, trust me phase. Universal problems and your philosophy are common features here among other things. In this space, I practice communication like everyone is 6-years old. That doesn't mean I get it right every time, but its a marker I aim for. 

Post-sales content is where more nuanced language is used. Defining and contextualising with an audience who are now in the respect you phase trusts you to solve their problem already - and open to your colourful and wonderful ways of doing that. 

One size does not fit all - this is a good rule of thumb as you resolve what goes where and for whom.  


Starts with (pre-sales) Content

Usually, we see you somewhere first before we look for a website and wonder:

  1. Is this for me? 

  2. Do I like them? 

  3. Do I trust them? 



Content Leads to Presence

your media assets shows up and either gets my attention and I click through, or I don't. 

Being Invited means, an invite to work with a new client, collaborate on a project, speak at an event.

An online Presence is where you hang your pre-sales content. You do this typically for two reasons: 

1. Being Found

2. Being Invited

Being Found means...when I put stuff into the Google and hit search one of