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Growth for
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Growth for
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About Shannon Eastman

Co-creating growth

I have a lifetime of experience in human behaviour, business growth, marketing, media, sales, PR and comms. It eventually converged into an approach to growth for small business owners: The Growth Triad: Business, Audience and You. 


My playground is growth for small business, start ups, entrepreneurs and those corporate professionals who identify more as intrapreneurs and change agents than standard employee. 

It all starts with a free workshop bespoke to you over 50-minutes. Inside this time we will do a few things: give you an enormous amount of clarity, sketch out a way forward, and resolve whether we are a good fit. Whether we are or not, you will leave our workshop armed with all sorts of ideas and actions to take away and make your own.


"Business Growth takes place at the intersection of Terrified and Excited." #TerriCited

- Shannon's Experience

Understanding the personality, activity and unique perspective your audience holds on the very problem you solve informs 80% of your business growth activity.


Knowing who to partner with, where to be seen, and the format with which to show up in is thee other 20% that comes from understanding market trends, industry stakeholder priorities and the key events that got us here. 

Informing growth

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