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"Business Growth is having a love affair with innovation & uncertainty." - Shannon's Experience

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Zero to One

One to Momentum

Momentum to Expansive

"Business Growth takes place at the intersection of Terrified and Excited." #TerriCited

- Shannon's Experience


Going from inertia to traction requires a different set of skills, tools and activities than going from traction to momentum.

Deliberate, proactive growth tends to be explored once we have exhausted our warm network and warm referrals.  We look to create growth from warm network adjacent places that require deliberate communication, structured sales processes and ample opportunities to be seen in meaningful ways so we can serve ever increasing clients with solutions that resolve specific problems. 

The skills, tools, and activities required to go from Zero to One work together in order to lay a meaningful foundation with which we can build our empire.

"Business Growth includes being known, liked & trusted

by your audience before they meet you" - common sense

Image by Brooke Lark


Traction to Momentum is terrifying and exciting #terricyting. It has us finishing the plane as we free fall through the abyss. 

Our meaningful foundation is creating opportunities that demands further creation. We are adapting, refining and creating as we go. 

Our communication is becoming more complete, our sales process is becoming more whole, and our way of solving problems is becoming more clear as we articulate our why, and our what and our how more clearly. 

The skills, tools, and activities required to go from One to Momentum leverage our meaningful foundation in order for us to complete our empire.

"Each phase of growth has its own bag of (new) tools

for us to pick up and use. " - common sense


Momentum to Expansive growth is uncomfortable and transformative. Our plane is flying us into new worlds, as our impulse to expand intensifies.

Standing on the mountain peek, taking inventory of our professional empire, we can see further as that innate impulse to expand gets louder. 

Leverage and Levelling up; we place a ceiling over our empire that becomes a solid floor we will stand on for whats to come next. 

Levelling up has a set of skills, tools and activities that will have us uncomfortable as we unlearn and relearn in order to grow into the version of us that gets to step into Expansive Growth.

Image by Greg Rakozy
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