For Small Business Owners

We do a lot inside 50-Minutes!

This is a facilitated business

growth workshop bespoke to you.

Have you seen the movie “Pulp Fiction”? Do you remember The Wolf (Harvey Keitel’s character)? That’s Shannon. She’s solves problems and gets results. Do what she says and you’re golden. Simple.

Daniel Lawlor, Funds Lawyer, Ex-Regulator, CEO Aquest

How this works

Complete the form below to set off a series of events

including; a date/time for us to meet over zoom. 

An intake form for you to complete 24hrs prior to our 


On the day you will want a calculator, pen, paper, drink, and a private space for the duration of the 50-minutes.

The 50-Minutes

Will seek to leave you with a comprehensive sketch for your business to take away. We will both know inside these 50-Minutes if we are an ideal fit. If we're not, chances are I know someone to refer you onto. 

The content will be a mix of head and heart, business and personal with equal parts practical and inspired. 

After the Fact

You will be invited to take a day or two to reflect on the workshop that just happened so there is time and space to resolve what you think next steps should look like, if any.

Basically, there is zero obligation. 

Shannon is brilliant. She has a no-nonsense but fun way of presenting material and breaking it down in a way that will resonate with you. She is a market leader and an expert in her field. She gets it. She understands the struggle and knows the way out. Be ready to work but oh will you love the results!

Sheila Berg Weir, Facilitator Personal Growth


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