Hello Dr. Dave,


I am delighted to update you on the current status of your podcast with Shannon. I work with Shannon and I head up all production and promotion for the WTM podcast.


Episode 12 - Pitstops on the road to Self-Actualisation with Dr. Dave Tuck - Work That Matters (WTM) 


The interview is located in all of the following places:



Apple iTunes 

Google Podcasts


The promotion of the interview is going out today, September 9, 2020.


If you're not following or connected to these pages/places below then it is possible you won't be seeing the feed going out on them. The interview will rotate through all of the following social media channels fortnightly for next month, then monthly thereafter till year end.  


1. Teach a Brand to Fish channels

2. Shannon's personal social profiles are provided/actioned by her on Facebook and Linkedin respectively.

3. SEE channels


Here is the Google Drive that contains both MP3 and MP4 folders.


The MP3 file will be available for you to download for the next 4 days.


EP 12 - Dr. Dave Tuck - Pitstops on the road to Self-Actualisation - Audio


The MP4 file that is easily uploaded to YouTube will be available for you to download for the next 4 days.


EP 12 - Dr. Dave Tuck - Pitstops on the road to Self-Actualisation - Video


If you want to do any promotion yourself and need Shannon's bio to hand, here it is:


Shannon Elizabeth Eastman - #GrowthHacker, Management Consultant, Communications Expert and Human Behaviour specialist, from Canada but based in Ireland.


She owns and runs Teach a Brand to Fish; a growth consultancy for Small Medium Biz


She co-hosts the Aquest Podcast with Daniel Lawlor, Ex-Regulator of the Central Bank of Ireland - a show for Irish Authorised financial services firms. 


She mentors and advises startups in the Middle East with Now! Sprint, 

and is the host of Work That Matters - conversations that take place at the intersection of personal and business growth. for more information. 


If you need anything more from our side, please just hit reply on this email. 


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