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The 6 building blocks that lay the foundation for creating influence and becoming an authority for Intrapreneurs, CEOs, and Experts: 

  1. Your Genius 

  2. What do you want to be known for? 

  3. Your brand

  4. A Media Asset that you will invest in to increase its value and influence

  5. Your offering

  6. The 1 solution to the 1 problem for the 1 audience using the 1 process

  7. Your market

  8. The people perfectly placed to benefit most from your solution today

  9. Your Timeline

  10. The short term and longer term  milestones you want to realise

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The practical application of Cause and Effect, with and for; an industry, a set of decision makers, or a peer group. Influence seeks meaningful contribution inside an intention to evolve an idea, system or outcome with a collective.

  1. Vision - A clear vision of an ideal end game

  2. Value - An instrument to facilitate change 

  3. Vehicle - A vehicle for meaningful contribution

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>> How would I do it - Workshop

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Growth can sometimes appear as an ending that wants to make room for another beginning. Navigating that space between something that has fallen away, and the new not yet appearing can be challenging. 


Resolving how, what, why, where and when inside this space of unknown, with a skilled facilitator, inside a structured progam can shift your perspective, expand your awareness and reveal a roadmap that inspires growth and evolution. 


  1. 12-week programme

  2. How would I do it - Workshop

  3. Free Resources 

>> 12-week programme

>> How would I do it - Workshop

>> Free Resources 



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