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A million stories from complex trauma at work.
One story from Trauma-Informed Growth

I'm an excellent communicator

In a nutshell? It is using a


approach to Business Growth

To be Trauma-Informed is to have cultivated an

understanding of how to work best with this version of the brain-body-mind and business holistically. This is done to support the individual with greater levels of personal recovery and transformation, and create the best possible outcome for sustainable and profitable growth. 


The symptoms visible on the surface that are responsible for the internal dysregulation of the person, are traced back into both the physiology and psychology of the individual where they can be supported back into a state of internal regulation. These symptoms that surface often have the person thinking or saying, “I know what I am supposed to do, but I just can’t do it!” because for the majority of the time, people are completely unaware that there is a physiology (or brain-body) to consider as part of their career path. 

For Example, Being Seen Has The Person In Hiding

The person knows how to show up online, present a keynote or deliver a workshop. This is cognitive based knowledge that is widely available. However, for the person moving closer to the moment of truth, their physiology is working against them.


Their body has dysregulated, flooding their systems with stress hormones, heightened anxiety, and fear, real or imagined. Their body is in direct opposition with their mind, and cannot be resolved through thoughts or cognitive reframing alone.


The person can force the delivery by using coping strategies that further compounds the dysegulation in brain and body, or the person can use a combination of Top Down and Bottom Up resources to dissolve the physiological response that gives rise to more growth, more flow and a keynote that captivates an audience. 

Trauma Informed Growth
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