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A 4-week, 1-to-1, guided tour @ my office, or online

Come with me... 

capturedCLARITY is a 4-week, 1-to-1, transformative program for business professionals seeking change. 


From time to time, we get stuck; in a rut, in a never ending circle, or in a way that brings us to a grinding halt.  All situations that would have roots in a long-forgotten-past that operates outside of our awareness, yet active today, in our business.


We unknowingly work ourselves into a situation where our day-to-day coping strategies no longer work. Our life no longer flows.


In a business context this can look like: 


  1. The joy disappears from your work which impacts on your ability to compete and complete (or you’re reading this wondering what the eff does joy or fun have to do with business?) 

  2. Stagnation creeps in ... finding the starting line, or moving out of the gates, with any project becomes a major challenge rather than a natural part of the process.

  3. Relationships with colleagues, partners, bosses, clients become strained and no longer easy to develop or maintain.

  4. As your performance levels drop, the pressure you feel to perform - both self imposed and from your environment - amplifies.

Very often we look to push through these periods and develop narratives like 'no-one likes their job, anyway' and 'you can't get on with everyone'.  We ignore our unhappiness, develop unhealthy coping strategies and blame external factors. Overtime, this path leads to disease, burnout or an unfulfilling career with all sorts of wasted potential.


It all starts with a free 45-min synergy call > 

Together, we will shift and alter this situation inside a guided 4-weeks program.  capturedCLARITY is a highly effective mind-body-business approach to growth that facilitates flow and feels fun. 

A Quick Overview: 


  • 4 weekly sessions, 1-to-1 with me, in my office or online

  • 3 Assignments - optional

  • Your Plan in PDF form

  • Your Focus_Board (wall hanging)


A Detailed Overview: 


  1. Session One, Week One

    1. You; past, present and future

    2. 60 to 90-Minutes

    3. Assignment 1 

  2. Session Two, Week Two

    1. You and Your Business or You and Your Career

    2. 60 to 90-Minutes 

    3. Assignment 2

  3. Session Three, Week Three

    1. MIND|BODY Workshop. 

    2. 120-Minutes on Average 

    3. Assignment 3 

  4. Session Four, Week Four

    1. Your Plan, a Final Review across Body, Mind and Business

    2. 45-Minutes

    3. Focus_Board for printing and hanging on the wall

Trauma Informed Growth.jpg

This 4-Week Program is €1500
(VAT applies in the Republic of Ireland)

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