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Free Education Workshops

from the Trauma-Informed Workplace Series

Consulting, Advisory, Training

and Executive Coaching

It All Begins With a Free 45-Minute Consultation

The Future of Sustainable & Profitable Growth

is Brain-Body-Mind-Business 

Neuroscience makes it impossible for us to continue to ignore the role of the brain-body in business. Actually, it suggests to bring it front & Center

The lingering effects of chronic stress from complex trauma can be touched and analysed similar to how a stroke leaves a lesion on the brain. Often, the individual has undiagnosed cPTSD and completely unawares to look for it.


As neuro-technology advances what we can see, science advances what we can do.  And today, we can do a lot with the brain and body, to ensure it is front and center with mind and business. 

The Future will have us all Trauma-Informed as the sheer numbers of professionals struggling with the lingering effects of stress continues to rise.

Through a combination of psycho-education, physiological and psychological resources, and solid business growth acumen, we can better support our people to flourish at work, life and play and business to sustainable and profitably, grow.

Individuals, teams, and leadership, can choose from a range of resources that combine brain-body-mind-business for more growth, more flow in work, life and play.

This Gets Bigger, Before It Gets Better

Consulting, Advisory, Training & Executive Coaching

A Trauma-Informed Approach to Business Growth

If the situation is known to be chronic, the solution for it is found somewhere in a brain-body-mind-business approach to transforming it

Leaders and Leadership

Common chronic situations:

Leaders who leave others behind, Toxic Leadership, Under performing to untapped potential that cannot be figured out after enormous investment.

The word 'Authentic' in this context has lost it's meaning or continues to feel brassy.

Talent Management

Common chronic situations

From hire to retire, the cracks in this cycle are compounding in nature as sick leave and absenteeism escalates, turnover continues, and difficult performance reviews continue, while exit interviews are more waste, than insightful.

Sales and Go To Market Efforts

Common chronic situations:

From pricing the products,to compensating the team, to securing market share to the effective cross team dynamics driving this, it is still an effort, or has reached a degree of toxic with not enough increase to the bottom line to make this worth the effort.

Conflict Management

Common chronic situations:

Unspoken conflict that permeates the business often due to the CEO, Founder or equally influential member(s) of the team that has resulted in countless problems inside and outside the business. The shareholders are now starting to notice something's up.

Psych Safety

Common chronic situations:

A critical foundation that still feels more of a  box ticking exercise than a transformational catalyst for culture, collaboration and creativity. The issues from the past are still very much here and the term Psych Safety feels hollow at best.

Team Dynamics

Common chronic situations

Conflict was what this was ages ago. This is now toxic and full of various stakeholders having overreactions in seemingly normal situations. Connection, communication and collaboration are more dreams than reality here.  Unless someone intervenes and forces change, this doesn't move forward or look to change anytime soon.



is a Powerful Competitive Advantage

Free Education Workshops from the

Trauma-Informed Workplace Series

Education Level

Choose Desired Education Level:


15-Min -  An Introduction to...


plus a 15-minute Q&A or Guided Conversation for a total of 30-minutes.


30-Min - Worth Knowing


with a 30-minute Q&A or Guided Conversation, for a total of 60-minutes


45-Min - Interactive Immersion


with a 30-Min (or longer) Q&A or Guided Conversation. This is best reserved as a 90-minute session that could end earlier.

Choose from 5 Themes

Choose The Preferred Theme:

1. The c-PTSD @ Work  Landscape - it's set to scale

2. The c-PTSD @ Work, Workforce - it's not great, here's how we improve.

3. Where Business is Exposed & Incurring Expense

4. Why The Future Will Have All Of Us Trauma-Informed. (Trends & Use Case)

5. Toxic Culture, Toxic Boss, Toxic Teams? That Business Probably Has c-PTSD! 

Logistics & Terms

The terms are:


These Education Sessions are free to companies with 50+ employees, and work best when 7 or more employees are in attendance. We can review this in the free 45-Min Consult.


One complimentary Education Session is offered per company. 

Additional Education Sessions from the Trauma-Informed Series are available for a fee. 

An on-site presentation remains free. Travel & Expenses apply when distance is more than 30-minutes drive from my offices in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

If you have less than 50 employees and still keen to have an Education session, let's discuss it in the initial free consult. 

It all starts with a

Free 45-Min Consult

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