Shannon Eastman Beirut Lebanon


Image: Shannon Eastman in Beirut Lebanon

"Business Growth is having a love affair with innovation & uncertainty." - Shannon's Experience

"Business Growth takes place at the intersection of Terrified and Excited." #TerriCited

- Shannon's Experience

"The cost of unresolved, unconscious trauma in Business,

is conservatively places in the tens of millions."

"Unconscious Trauma; in Business, keeps you cheap, hidden, and spinning in endless circles, chopping, changing every other week."


I am a Creative, Growth Hacker, Human Behaviour Expert, Communications Advisor, b2b Marketer,

and a Transformation Artist. 

I have a lifetime of experience in human behaviour, business growth, marketing, media, sales, PR and comms. It eventually converged into an approach to growth for small business owners: The Growth Triad: Business, Audience and You. 


I host the InsideGrowth podcast, I’m Commercial Partner over at Crypto Curry Club, Co-founder of Funds Ireland MiniCon and I lead a small team over at TBF labs to implement initiatives for clients who want to outsource execution from time to time. I write a weekly newsletter on Growth for small business owners. 

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"Business Growth includes being known, liked & trusted

by your audience before they meet you" - common sense